As the GVCB approaches the conclusion of its 28th concert season, we can identify many things which have happened in the past year that have exceeded all expectation.  Our programming, under the capable baton  of our Music Director Dr. John Snavely, rose to heights resulting in the highest audience attendance in our 28 year history.  This apogee was reached January 25th at the concert which honored America and our Armed Forces.  From the stirring refrain of the “Star Spangled Banner,” to the “Stars and Stripes Forever,”  the band played a dedicated, competent and superior performance.  This triggered a comment from one of the attendees:  “Your band is the best “ticket” in town and the best we have ever heard.”

I agree with the comment.  However, it did not happen solely because of the virtuosic playing by our members.  It happened also because of the myriad of people, who upon awakening in the morning, have GVCB on their minds.  They spend the rest of the day thinking about what needs to be done to keep the “ship” afloat; then go to work to accomplish the required tasks.  When the day ends, the process repeats itself.  For the efforts of these valuable people,  I, on behalf of the GVCB Board Of Directors, extend profound thanks.

Our fund raising has reached a new level of success.  This funding will enable us to continue to provide quality band music and will increase our scholarships as we continue to have fun.

Our final concert of this season will be April 12, at Sahuarita  District Auditorium, 7:00 p.m. For additional information, please call 520-743-5188.

Cordially,  Earl E. Raines, GVCB, President

We look forward to seeing you at our performances!