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Dear Green Valley Concert Band Supporters and Patrons,
The Green Valley Concert Band has a history and reputation of outstanding musical artistry performed by a group of remarkable local musicians. The members of the GVCB come from all walks of life and each brings with them a unique talent that serves to diversify and strengthen the organization. Together we form a strong and unified musical ensemble that looks forward to each and every performance for you. Each performance we present gives our audience something new and exciting. The Green Valley Concert Band prides itself by performing new compositions written by current outstanding composers. We also include timeless musical selections that are always a audience favorite. In addition, we incorporate musical compositions that showcase talented soloists from our region and from within our own incredible musicians. On occasion we also include visual presentations, such as dance performances, that enhance the theme of the concert and the pleasure for our patrons.
The curtain will soon be going up on a new and fabulous season of music. The concert band has a wide and varied styles of music awaiting for your musical enjoyment. We’ll be starting our season in October with two performances at the Community Performance and Art Center and another at the Historic Canoa Ranch. All three performances will be performed outdoors in the natural surroundings of our area. We will begin our indoor concerts in December with all four performances being held in the Sahuarita School District auditorium. Please refer to the list of performances and ticket information on this website.
The Green Valley Concert Band looks forward in seeing you at our performances. Once you have attended one of our concerts you will want to return for more.
Chris Hohweiler, President
Green Valley Concert Band